Tall guys don't have it easy when it comes to getting dressed. Yes being tall has it's benefits, but when you realize that nearly every garment you plan to buy needs a tailor's touch in order to fit properly, buy clothes can get a little discouraging. Even if you try to shop online, there's a high chance you're just waiting for your gear to arrive...only to send it back to the store the same day. Don't even get us started on the woes of the "Big and Tall" (or should we say "fat and tall") clothing section.

Before you make the case that fashion models are taller, remember their career is wearing clothing that's been given extra attention by a fashion designer and/or tailor—and those garments are either worn only on the runway, or gifted after the fact. For the normal guy just trying to look nice at work or out at the bar, there's little chance that most men have the time or can afford to have every piece custom-designed around their needs. 

While not all of us on the style team rise above the average male height, we can also appreciate that most guys don't want every piece in their closet to look like it shrunk in the wash (shouts to Thom Browne). In the interest of helping guys who rise above the average, this is Simple Advice on How To Dress If You're Tall.

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