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Our mortal fashion enemy, Betabrand, has proven itself to move units even though it's goddamn ridiculous. The company is so self-aware (Skynet, anyone?) that it's become almost hard to hate on—almost. But today's news is no joke. According to Style Dot Com (soon to be deceased RIP), the company is sponsoring Silicon Valley Fashion Week? The question mark may be intentional, but wait, there's a Silicon Valley Fashion Week? Like, for real?

From May 12th-14th in San Francisco, the tech-meets-fashion extravaganza is going all the way the fuck down. Of course, it was dreamed up by Betabrand CEO (and also Chief Troll Officer) Chris Lindland. Obviously, it isn't just a straight up fashion show, of course, because these are super nerds we're dealing with here. Each night is based around a different theme: the first being movement and lighting, the second is wearable tech and the finales featuring items from crowdfunded designers aka Betabrand's bread and butter. And instead of actual models, drones will flutter up and down the runway. WOW, I'm not sure life has never imitated art so perfectly. Lindland says that Silicon Valley is considered a fashion "backwater" when it shouldn't be, considering brands like Levi's and Gap call it home. I'm not sure if any of this nonsense is going to change things, but we'll see if tarted up drones can't sway preconceived notions. Unfortunately, as of now, this all just seems like the plot of an episode of Silicon Valley.

[Photo via Betabrand]