Going bald sucks. A lot.

While it’s not considered “manly” to show any insecurities about the way we look, many guys do find it difficult to accept their receding hairlines. The first signs of thinning are scary as hell, but most dudes will eventually embrace the look with incredible confidence—maybe even convincing themselves that they look better than before. But for those who aren’t so accepting, at least there are options.

Thanks to modern technology and science, there are now pills, topical treatments, and even surgical procedures that promise to give you a full head of hair. Or at least look like you have one. But if you’re searching for a solution that doesn’t involve going under the knife or daily upkeep, you might be interested in Micro Scalp Pigmentation—a new procedure that involves tattooing your skull to give the illusion of hair. 

We know: The words “tattooing” and “skull” don’t have a pleasant ring, but according to the Daily Mail, the procedure isn’t as bad as it sounds. It takes between two to three sessions, which range from two to five hours each (depending on the severity of the hair loss). Previous patients have described the sensation as “tingly,” insisting there is little to no pain. And it’s also one of the more affordable options, costing about $3,000, when compared to hair transplants.

Now because this is a tattoo-like procedure, you won’t have hair you can comb or run your hands through. It basically gives the appearance of a shaved scalp with living follicles and a visible hairline. It's also important to note that men are required to shave any areas on their head where hair is still growing, otherwise they’ll look fucking insane.

You can check out before-and-after shots below.