As a celebration of the new "Absolut Nights" campaign, Absolut Vodka worked with Grammy winning director Melina Matsoukas on a short film that shows how the brand does nightlife at its events around the world.

The film features an exclusive new track by Empire of the Sun and includes footage from various Absolut-hosted events, each of which was a collaboration with a different artist to create an unconventional and memorable party experience.

"My vision for the film was to capture the energy and excitement of these real experiences," said Matsoukas in a press release, "creating a story which takes the audience on a journey into Absolut Nights. Each event explored the intersection of creativity and nightlife in incredible ways, so I wanted to ensure the film did justice to the experiences, embracing every detail that went into creating events."

In addition to the film, Absolut has launched a limited edition bottle of Absolut Spark vodka that is illuminated from the bottom to add to the experience. The brand is also offering consumers the chance to win a three-day, two-night trip to California for the upcoming Absolut House Party. If you're 21 or older, check out the details of the contest over at