When the news is slow and I have to pull a Moy and find some products to write about for the day, it always ends up being shoes. I'll go to a shop and look for something that is not a pair of shoes and I'll just end up looking over the footwear selection without even thinking about it. I'm straight up fucking useless. Don't you realize I'm only good at aggregating news in short 200-word bursts? But back to my issues and baggage *ex-girlfriend voice*. They don't apply just to sneakers either. I'll find myself equally enraptured with really nice, proper shoes that I'll rarely have the opportunity to wear, like these stupid diesel Yang Li stompers. On their face, they're just a pair of very expensive Doc Martens. But as you should surely know by now, it's all about the last. Then, there's the sole, which is, of course, brolic as fuck and dyed a deep, dark black to match your soul.