There's no way you're not aware of Migos' now-classic "Versace". The track that helped catapult the Atlanta trio into the mainstream is a musical homage to the work of Italian fashion house of the same name, and the insane opulence that's at the heart of the brand. 

While Versace is a fashion brand first and foremost, their Greco-Roman gaudiness isn't just confined to the runway, it's also manifested as a home goods line, complete with everything from coffee cups to custom sofas. As you can imagine, with the name Versace attached, that extravagance comes with an equally insane price tag to match.

As Versace unveils a capsule home goods collection, titled "Les Coup des Dieux" (or "Cup of the Gods") at Milan's Salone del Mobile 2015 furniture convention, we look back on the pieces that even those with the biggest budgets would think twice about. These are The 15 Versace Home Goods That'll Turn Your Apartment Into an Illuminati Mansion​.