Japanese brands produce some of the most coveted clothing out, but trying to find and buy most of these items can be so agonizing we created a step-by-step guide on how to do it. That's what makes Toronto's Blue Button Shop so dope. The store is the 6's only destination for copping those hard-to-find Japanese brands that would otherwise require paying a proxy to send you goods straight from the source. Blue Button Shop co-owner Brian Cheuk talked about the store's beginnings and gave an inside look to Style.com.

Cheuk says that he was inspired to create the store by the scarcity of Japanese brands in Toronto. "My friends and I often complained that there were not enough boutiques in Toronto that carry the right quality brands from overseas," Cheuk told Style.com. "There are many stores that sell high-end fashion, street fashion, or fast-fashion apparel, but there are not too many choices in between." Now, with a list of brands that includes Brú Na Bóinne, Engineered Garments, Kapital, Minotaur, Momotaro, Orslow, Porter, visvim, and many moreCheuk has created the store the city was lacking.

The store manages to keep its clothing at such a high level by adhering to three main criteria, Cheuk explains. "Will our clients or customers like this product? Will this product suit their current wardrobe or home? Is this product made with great craftsmanship and quality?" 

New Yorkers should also rejoice as Cheuk hints that the store may be expanding to the city. "We love New York City!" he says. "We definitely have an interest in expanding BBS to Manhattan and other great cities around the globe."

You can read the entire interview over on Style.com.