The story of Tom Ford reviving Gucci from the brink of disaster has long been a part of fashion lore since far before Four Pins was even a glint in Complex's eye. It's incredible how a brand as recognizable as Gucci came so close to shutting down, but it's even more incredible how a Herculean effort from Ford brought it back. He spoke with Cathy Horyn over at The Cut about the legendary revival.

Basically, because Gucci was in such dire straits, Ford's theatrical nature took hold. No one was even really checking for Gucci at the time, so he made the brand in his own image, sending models down the runway with a single spotlight on them with no back light to make sure attendees saw what was right in front of them. And, of course, what would a Tom Ford show be without a little sexiness? Velvet pants and iconic Gucci loafers made appearances at the F/W 95 shows and he even took a bow despite it being prohibited in his contract because, clearly, Tom Ford gives zero fucks. It all worked out as revenue skyrocketed in the months to follow and Ford became recognized as one of the most influential designers in the world in just a few seasons. Moral of the story? He's been the man for, like, a minute.

[Photo via The Guardian]