Kylie Jenner recently shot down rumors that she has had any plastic surgery to enhance certain parts of her body, claiming that her appearance has changed simply because she has gotten older. Teens have found a stupid way to make their lips resemble Kylie's without getting injections, and the unsettling #KylieJennerChallenge is currently taking over social media.

According to MTV, people are placing glasses over their mouths for extended periods of time so that their lips get bigger. The glass creates an airlock over the mouth, which increases the blood flow and causes the lips to swell, similar to the way certain sex toy pumps work. The problem with the challenge is that it sometimes ends with painful bruising, but apparently no one learned the lesson from the sisters who posted their fail online back in March. It is unclear who started this, but it is still slightly better than Australian woman who tried using a lip-enhancing tool to get the same effect.

Hopefully the likes on these selfies were worth it. Peep a few examples below then scroll down for the best (read: most disturbing) videos so far.

i screwed up. #kyliejennerchallenge #uhoh 😷

— zoë (@_zoeymcguire) April 20, 2015

Society done messed y'all up... Y'all siting here doing the #kyliejennerchallenge then cry when y'all 👄 won't go down SMH

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'dis ain't funny doe ' I'm Dead. XD 😹😹😹😹 😹😹 Be Sure To Follow For More Videos Tag a Friend 💀 😅 #KylieJennerchallenge #jenner #stupid #fulllips #lmfao #yallcrazy #follow #kardashians #fakebitchesbelike #gamers #gamergirls #xbox #ps3 #followforfollow #likeforelike #gaming #besafe #done #comedy #mtv #worldstar #epic #lololol #bands #funnyshit #vines

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Then there is this guy, who is clearly not a teen:

I went from me to Jay-Z, real quick hahaha. #kyliejennerchallenge 👄😳😂

— Danté D'Angelø™ (@etnaD_olegnaD) April 20, 2015

See more teens (and non-teens) take on the #KylieJennerChallenge below: