Human hair is great for certain things, like keeping your head warm, however, it seems a lot less useful for making clothes out of. That didn't stop one woman in Sweden from sourcing human hair from all over the country to make a variety of items, including pairs of panties, Expressen reports

Nina Sparr uses the authentic hair to knit together jewelry, paintings, purses, and other items of clothing on top of the panties. Sparr says she has persuaded several people to try out the underwear. "[It] sticks of course a bit. For hair is a mess. You know, like when you cut yourself at the hairdresser and it falls down a hair in sweater and then sticks it," she tells Expressen.

Sparr says that she receives custom orders for her hair-made products, including one for a bridal crown that used the wife-to-be's actual locks. "It becomes so personal when it is your own hair," Sparr says. 

The products are reminiscent of the jacket made completely out of human chest hair. And just when you thought this couldn't get any more gross, we know a guy with an extremely long strand of hair Sparr could use. 

You can check out the rest of Sparr's products below.