After a little debacle on Stone Island's end of the deal in which it dropped its latest Supreme collaboration a week early, Supreme has released the official lookbook for its S/S 15 capsule with the Italian outerwear icon. The small collection consists of two anoraks with matching six panel hats and three long-sleeve crews. Obviously, the highlight is the anorak. Should we even pay the slightest bit of attention to the other pieces here? Probably not. You can get that other shit 364 days a year, unless you're so thirsty for that 'Preme on the back, in which case there's no convincing you otherwise to begin with, I guess. The hat? Whatever, it's a fucking hat and Supreme makes a ton of 'em. Get over it. But this anorak? This thing has got me fucked up worse than the closing scene in Furious 7. I'm straight up misty, fam. The pattern is just gaudy enough and it's fully waterproof. Naturally, with Stone Island in play, this outerwear is about to empty your wallet, clocking in at right under $600. The whole collection drops this Thursday, April 9th, in-store and online in New York, L.A. and London, followed by a Japan release on April 11th.