It's well-established that Givenchy makes some of the most beautiful clothes shown during fashion month. Riccardo Tisci, the brand's creative director, is known for putting on a masterclass when it comes to his womenswear collections, from intricate dresses all the way to the meticulously styled hair of his models. Today's biggest celebrities constantly wear his designs on the red carpet. And while womenswear is Givenchy and Tisci's calling card—as is often the case with most fashion brands—his impact on menswear has been equally as impactful. Givenchy's menswear now makes up almost half of the brand's business despite having only been around since 2009. In an interview with i-D, Tisci talks about how much it has grown.

Tisci mentions how his menswear visions didn't align with the Dior Homme-dominated look of the day. He wasn't a fan of casting emaciated skinny guys for his shows either because he himself is bigger guy, standing 6'3" and of average weight. His menswear veers toward a stronger guy, a "gymnasium boy" as he puts it. By shifting Givenchy's designs towards his version of masculinity, he helped diversify the runway with different body types and races, which is no small feat in today's fashion world.

While we may often give most of our attention to the Rottweiler and Birds of Paradise-draped fuccbois flexing on Istagram, it should be noted that Tisci has done some important and meaningful work that's greater than merely trends themselves. Sometimes you just gotta remind yourself of that fact.

[Photo via The Gloss]