As an artist, there is nothing worse than having your work be indistinguishable—something that simply blends in to the background. Your goal is to make it stand out in ways that make people sit up, take notice, admire, and be inspired.

It was in this spirit that G-SHOCK recently decided to team up with pop artist Hisham Bharoocha to create an amazing new art installation at the brand’s NYC SoHo store. As an artist, Hisham’s work can at first seem chaotic, but soon becomes oddly hypnotic, to the point that it’s tough to look away from. One thing that is abundantly clear to anyone who sees Hisham’s work is that he is making a statement with each and every one of his pieces, much like G-SHOCK does with every one of theirs.

The visual exhibition that Hisham put on, fittingly titled the #NeverBlendIn Camouflage Series, was something truly worth celebrating—so that’s exactly what Complex did. On April 16, with G-SHOCK camouflage watches on wrists, drinks in hand from Tullamore Dew, and tunes being spun by Kid ID, guests took in all of Hisham’s eye-catching work that was on display. You can check out some highlights from the evening in the video above. To learn more about Hisham and his collaboration with G-SHOCK, you can visit here as well.