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Tonight's show for Chanel's Métiers d’Art collection turned out all sorts of celebrities, including Beyoncé, Julianne Moore, and Dakota Johnson. However, the highlight of the night came from Pharrell and Cara Delevingne, who performed the song "CC the World" from their Chanel film

Delevingne shows off a pretty impressive singing voice that will come in handy should she ever fully pursue the music career she's expressed interest in. The model-turned-actress has already hinted that she's been in the studio with Beyoncé, and this video only has us more excited. 

Chanel's Métiers d’Art show, where the song was performed, is designed to pay tribute to the craftsman that provides the fashion house with luxurious materials. This night, the focus was on embroidery from Lesage, Desrues buttons, unique accessories, like feathers and flowers, from Lemarié, shoes from Massaro, and Causse gloves. 

There are various clips of Pharrell and Delevingne performing together above and below, we'll update as soon as a full video surfaces.


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