You're probably thinking to yourself, "Self, what the fuck is wrong with Jon? Is he seriously recommending a T-shirt with a fucking flame on it that costs 95 dollars?" But before you judge, why don't you try and put yourself in my shoes for once? See, some of you may not know this, but Nick Grant, sometimes Four Pins contributor, has a flaming basketball tattoo, which I just so happen to think sets the bar for all basketball and flame related tattoos. And this Our Legacy shirt kinda reminds me of the aforementioned masterpiece. If I was a rich or even just moderately economically comfortable, I'd probably buy this shirt and ship it off to the godforsaken part of the country that Nick voluntarily choses to live in and include a small note that would read something like: "Ay fuck face, this reminds me of your amazing tattoo. Now you can have a T-shirt that matches it and people can point to you and be like, 'Damn, that guy really likes flames.' LMAO wear this and you'll be like the *extremely Drake voice* Fieri of Des Moines. LMAO DES MOINES. ONE TIME I THOUGHT YOU PRONOUNCED THAT SHIT 'DEZ MONAY' AND NOW I THINK THAT'S HOW IT SHOULD ACTUALLY BE PRONOUNCED." In summation, buy yourself a T-shirt that announces to the world: "Oh it's fuckin lit."