We just had our first actual day of hot temperatures. It was, like, 75 degrees on Saturday and I wanted to fucking kill myself the entire time I was outside, which was, admittedly, only 5 minutes. While it is hard to get in the mindset to be pumped about F/W 15, it's necessary because it should not be physically possible to sweat when all you're doing is sitting down. Shit's not natural. nonnative doesn't give a fuck though. They just up and dropped this teaser for F/W 15 like it's nothing. They don't care about our dire financial situations one bit, which is good business because who among us is actually able to shirk the desire for new clothing when you know they might not be available in high quantities? That's right, no one. Everything here is official and comes in a fantastic, mostly camel/blue color palette. I enjoy the shine that camels, browns and beiges are getting recently—something I've been talking about since literally my first day on the job here at Four Pins. Listen, I'm all about trying to look like I should be in the desert, but—and this is the crucial part—only when it's cold. I could totally do with it being September right now even if it's only April. Weather is so fucking stupid.

[Photos via Hypebeast]