Ecommerce site Wooly launched recently with the goal to become "Sotheby's for a younger generation." While there are other websites that offer curated selections of objects from great brand and designers, Wooly does things different by focusing on unique and rare objects. Each item listed is the only product of its kind in stock, so once someone buys it, it's gone.

Wooly founder Rudy Adler said that he came up with the idea after moving from California to New York. "I started decorating my apartment and was put off by the sameness of everything. So I started looking for things in uncommon places–and low and behold I started discovering these uncommonly beautiful pieces."

Adler and a team of artists, designers, and editors acquire objects from private sellers, auction houses, and friends and add them to the site in waves. So far, Wooly has featured a vintage laughing robot toy from Japan, Swedish rugs from the 1960s, NASA moon landing photos, and a first-edition copy of John Muir's book, The Yosemite. 

"Everybody craves authenticity, but nobody has time to find it," says Adler. Check out Wooly to see what the site has to offer and maybe cop something cool and one-of-a-kind.