Shane Gonzales' MIDNIGHT STUDIOS has evolved like most successful streetwear brands have; into a high-quality, experimental collection that defies all labels. But to have the knowledge Gonzales has and the the grasp of the industry he does at the age of 20 is something other brand owners are still searching for in their 30s.

Gonzales honed his craft under legendary Russ Karablin of SSUR, and infused it with the high-end punk chic personal style he's cultivated, which is directly reflected in this incredible collection. The editorial is shot by Walter Pearce, and is titled "Something Else," and takes inspiration from the '70s British punk scene, with a touch of grunge thrown in for good measure. Highlights of the collection include the oversized trucker jacket, the reversible bomber jacket, and reversible hooded zip-up.

Check out the rest of the editorial below, and check out the full collection on the MIDNIGHT STUDIOS website.


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