How long does it take to achieve perfection? Only 60 hours for one man who set out to paint a realistic portrait of Beyoncé. The artist behind the giant portrait is an NYU art student named Chris Minafo who calls Bey his "idol." 

The video details the 60-hour process Minafo went through over 14 days to create the ***flawless portrait. "This is the largest painting I have made so far, and I took this challenge on as one less farewell to my teenage years," he told Elite Daily. "I wanted to prove to myself that I could paint my idol taller then I stood before I turned 20." 

Before Beyoncé, Minafo painted other women in pop culture, including Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, and Arianna Grande. However, it sounds like Bey is the painter's clear favorite. "Beyoncé is quite possibly the most unfathomable person on this planet to me... I really hope this painting finds its way to her, and maybe puts a smile on her face as a thank you for the countless she has put on mine." 

Safe to say Minafo would have no problem acing the Beyoncé test a girl recently gave her boyfriend

Watch the whole video of Minafo painting Bey above, and check out some more of his work below. 

Image via That's No Photo on Tumblr
Image via Christopher Minafo on Twitter