Libertine-Libertine started the season on a killer note. And we’re pretty damn grateful it hasn’t rested on its laurels.

Next week, the Copenhagen-based brand will release a mid-season range that continues the bold yet relaxed styles of its initial Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Bright colors and floral patterns continue the brand’s emphasis on standout designs, which are balanced out by simpler pieces that feature solid colors, contrast paneling, and subtle stripes. It’s basically the summer uniform for the dude who appreciates standout threads with timeless appeal.

Much like Libertine-Libertine’s previous releases, sharp yet casual silhouettes are definitely one of the main focuses. Essentials like button-ups, trousers, light outerwear, and jerseys have all the sophistication of menswear, but deliver the time-honored ease of streetwear, as well.

Check out images from the Spring/Summer 2015 drop, titled Dog Day Afternoon, below. You can go to Libertine-Libertine’s website to find out where you can pick up the collection when it releases next week.