UNDRCRWN has released a crop of pop culture-infused T-shirts for the NBA playoffs. Most important is the tee inspired by The Wire and Lebron James just in time for the King's run through the playoffs. 

The T-shirt takes one of The Wire's most memorable quotes, "You come at the King you best not miss," and makes an obvious reference to LBJ's nickname by matching it with the Cleveland Cavaliers' colors. 


UNDRCRWN's other creations, include The Hawks referencing Outkast's ATLiens teeone for the San Antonio Hawks that compares coach Greg Popovich to Notorious B.I.G., and a T-shirt that combines both the Brooklyn Nets and Beyoncé

UNDRCRWN is known for making some of the dopest sports and pop-culture inspired gear in the game. Previously, it brought back the same T-shirts featured in White Men Can't Jump and Above the Rim, and produced a collection of tees that reference fictional sports teams. UNDRCRWN has even worked with UNKNWN​, a clothing boutique James co-owns, on a T-shirt commemorating the King's first title in Miami.

The NBA playoff T-shirts are available on UNDRCRWN's website now.