Last night, James Harden set social media on fire. Not because of his skills but because of his style. This isn't the first time. The man they call "The Beard" confuses people with his style choices on the regular. Like this shirt he wore before Game 3 had the Internets scratching their collective heads.

Prior to Game 4 against the Dallas Mavericks, Harden walked through the player entrance in what some people thought was a skirt. Twitter made fun of him, and jokes about his outfit were made in bars and living rooms. James isn't the first NBA player to rock this look. LeBron James and Russell Westbrook have both worn "skirts." 

We spoke with an NBA stylist to clarify the 'fit. Was Harden really wearing a skirt, was it a kilt, or just a long shirt? Kesha McLeod has the answers. 

You've worked with James before, right?
I work with him occasionally on projects. I wouldn’t call myself his stylist. He works more with a retail stylist, if that makes any sense.

Did you see his outfit last night?
I did. And I’m very familiar with what he’s wearing as well.

Well, everybody was making fun of him because it looks like he’s wearing a skirt. Can you explain the long tee under the short tee look?
It's the brand specifically, Givenchy. They often do men’s kilts or they do the longer t-shirt with the different pattern and I think it’s more so the illusion that gave James Harden the skirt effect, especially how tall he is. So from the different pattern, that’s what it looked like. What I do like about it is that it’s something that he has the courage to do whether it’s the kilt or the different pattern look.

So a guy like James Harden—you’ve worked with him before—has input in what he wears?
100 percent. That’s the Swag God, or at least that's what he refers to himself as. He knows what he wants.

So the final verdict is, James Harden isn’t wearing a long tee or a skirt it’s a kilt?
But he is wearing a long tee, that’s just what it’s coming across as. I know the shirt. 100 percent.

It’s too short to be a kilt. It’s the layering effect. It’s longer, that’s all it is.

Angel Diaz is a staff writer for Complex Media. Follow him @ADiaz456.