Who the fuck is Ian Connor anyway? In a time when basically anyone can be a celebrity if they have enough followers on Twitter or Instagram, the self-proclaimed "king of the youth" has quickly become an icon of sorts. Complex talked to the reclusive jack of all trades about his mom, wearing Sketchers, Raf Simons, hanging with the A$AP Mob and basically anything else you could want to know about dude. His life is still a bit of a mystery for someone as in the public eye as he is. Ian spent most of his early life between New York and Atlanta before moving to L.A. recently. He has a Supreme collection straight out of a hypebeast's wet dream and has thrown designer clothing out the window of his Paris hotel room just because it's something to do. Naturally, any interview he does is going to be insanely quotable. We sliced and diced the best bits below for your viewing pleasure, but be sure to read Mary H.K. Choi's fantastic profile on someone who is easily becoming one of the most interesting and intriguing characters in all of fashion. Whether you worship, hate or have no idea what to make of him, it's extremely clear that Ian is some kind of bizarro legend in the making, his connections with some of hip-hop and fashion's biggest names being undeniable. Maybe I'm too old for this shit (read: I am too old for this shit), but his life isn't for me. At 22 though, I would have eaten this shit up.

On not doing drugs and rarely drinking:

My mind is already crazy. I’d just become less perceptive. I’d overthink shit and my mind would just be on hyperdrive. I’d get paranoid. I do know the power that I have and just going into a room high I’d be thinking about who’s this person and that person and thinking too hard on it, because a lot of people who do not matter to me are in my life. I don’t need that.

On his personal appearance (he regularly calls himself ugly):

I know I’m not attractive. I have scars. Maybe if I was clean-cut I would be cute or whatever but I have so many cons. I’m short. Sometimes my teeth won’t be looking so cute. There are just different things that fall in the category of me being ugly and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m still better than most. I’m going to always out-style you. My mind is more advanced than yours.

On wearing Skechers with fashion's elite:

That was a realization. I was thinking about how everything I own is name brand. It’s not supposed to be about that. It’s about style. Everyone called the Raf [sneakers] ugly at first. They were all like, “Ew, what are those?” But then when they saw that I was wearing them and that Rocky was wearing them, or Bari, then they weren’t ugly anymore. I thought about how people talk down on Skechers when they fucking look the same as Rafs. They’re so similar. They’re the same idea. They’re just different colors.

On meeting "God" aka Raf Simons:

When I met him, I lifted up my shirt and he was like, “Oh, you’re Ian. I’ve heard so much about you. You and Rocky and I should get dinner when I get back to New York.” It was so fire because I know Raf stays to himself. ... With everyone around him he just feels like they don’t really care or get it, so he stays to himself. Getting those words from him with his smile was so genuine. I was like, fuck yeah. It was right.

On his hatred of Complex:

I hate Complex Media. I feel like they just run to shit. Who the fuck writes an article about me taking a hat? Complex UK did that. Understand who I am but leave that. You have to report on little shit? Guess who tripped and fell. Why would you write a whole article on someone tripping and falling on the curb, two, three paragraphs? TMZ-of-the-youth shit.

On modeling in the Yeezy Season 1 show:

I was so uncomfortable. I had my cigarettes in my pocket. We were supposed to stand still and whatever but I still had my phone in my hand. I was texting. Just standing there was too weird. I started feeling like, “What the fuck? They’re judging me.”

On when he wants to die:

I’m not trying to be part of the 27 club or nothing but I don’t want to make it to 50 or even 40. I’m trying to die like the young legends. I want to be young forever.

[Photo via Complex]

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