Yes, I'm about to go there and write up these $310 New Balance 991s crafted from premium Horween leather. I'm fucking doing it and no one can stop me. I mean, I know Moy's on the same page with this one for sure. Even though they're egregiously expensive because they use "actually good" leather, New Balance went with such an unknown and archaic model that I can't not recommend them. I love me some 997s, but I guess that's like saying Radiohead is an unknown, great band. Like, on a relatively large scale, Radiohead is relatively low-key. However, amongst the niche Pitchfork nerd set, they're almost overrated. And yet, you cannot deny their greatness. 991s, on the other hand, are like the people who say New Order is the best thing to come out of Joy Division. Now that's a fucking opinion! (Which is also factually correct.) Also, these are black and tan, which is sure to ruffle a few easily ruffled feathers of those who believe you should never wear black and brown together. Those are the same people that hate on wearing black with navy. Those people can go suck a Don Lemon.