I'M BRINGING FANNY PACKS *JT voice*. I'm on that tired dad on an extended vacation with his family swag. He's saved up and planned an overseas vacation, most likely bringing along an elderly family member, a few nieces and nephews he feels bad for. About 4 hours into it, he realized he just wants to be alone for 17 days instead of hanging out with his family. He's gotta hold all the kids' passports because he's raised 2.5 children that are complete liabilities to the overall welfare of his household. But he's soldiering on and looking like a fucking champ. He bought some tactical looking nylon cargo shorts that he spied in the sales bin on his way to pay for the new geriatric sneakers he's copped for all the walking tours. He's got a khaki crushable bucket hat just dangling. So get your fucking dope fanny pack ASAP. That dad on a Mediterranean cruise with people he loves as much as he hates is stunting on you so hard and this act of aggression will not stand.