Floyd "Money" Mayweather is already a very rich man, and his fight this weekend against Manny Pacquiao will add an estimated $200 million to his safe and duffle bags. While most of us would be cool with that paycheck, it looks like Mayweather and the rest of The Money Team are still looking to cash in at every opportunity, including yesterday's final press conference at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.

For the past couple weeks, a section of the hotel lobby has been dedicated to official merchandise from Mayweather and TMT, including $88 hats like the one Justin Bieber has been seen wearing, $28 TMT towels, and TMT flags representing Mexico and the Philippines. 

The hat Floyd Mayweather wore at today's final presser retails for $88 in the MGM lobby. pic.twitter.com/1jOmquhRvZ

— Bryan Armen Graham (@BryanAGraham) April 29, 2015

In case you can't read the small print, all sales are final, there are no discounts, and the prices do not include tax. We assume that the hotel gets a cut of the merch sales, but with the hype surrounding this fight, the hoards of people going to Vegas this weekend, and sales at the official MayPac pop-up, Mayweather is making out like a bandit before stepping foot in the ring.