You ever find a brand you hadn't seen before and go, "Hmm, this is interesting," so you boot up that old Internet machine of yours to make sure that you didn't just "discover" a brand that's been around for 10 years? Well, Fingers Crossed is actually one of those new brands. Who knew there were any left? I first saw Fingers Crossed online at Joinery, which is a small Brooklyn-based boutique that stocks a few interesting brands and fun lifestyle accoutrements. I even almost bought a pair of their cropped trousers. Then, when New York Fashion Week rolled around this past February, Fingers Crossed was showing and I was like, "Damn, maybe these guys are for real." The brand has only been around since S/S 14, so the history is short, but the product speaks for itself and F/W 15 is really on one. The dark neutral palette is, of course, wildly on point, while yellow pops are mixed in so it isn't just a series of grey and greyer looks. There's a whole lot of layering, with one of the signature deets being the plastic clips you'd normally see on a backpack or something, except braced across the waist as a belt. If all the Moy-approved bucket hats that have come out recently are no good, peep the diesel joints with the extended rear that will make you look like Dark Helmet. Keep an eye out for Fingers Crossed and check out the current list of stockists where you can cop.