You guys remember that time I sat kind of behind Jerry Lorenzo at the Robert Geller show? Well, in the movie version of my life, we sit right next to one another and, afterwards, politely discuss the highlights of Geller's show. Anyways, this Fear of God fishtail is made from old military sleeping bags and it has RiRi zips and elastic cuffs and will set you back roughly fifteen hundred dollars. That's a lot of dollars, but you can't think about dollars when it comes to buying clothing. You just have to give the sales associate your card and let Jesus make sure it gets accepted. Jesus and I have a fairly good track record when it comes to making sure my credit card doesn't get declined. Except for that one time it happened at Nepenthes and I had to forsake the Lord for, like, seven days until I needed his help on making sure a direct deposit came through.