Forbes put together its list of the "Most and Least Meaningful Jobs," and the publication didn't think highly of fashion designers. The rankings listed fashion designer as the seventh least meaningful career, lower than assistant manager at a fast food restaurant, and only tied with a package shipper.  

Forbes and Payscale created the list based on responses from workers in each respective industry about compensation and whether or not they thought they were making the world a better place. Fashion designers, although it had one of the higher median salaries out of the least meaningful positions with $58,100, plummeted because only 16 percent of respondents thought the job was making a difference. 

Although fashion designers have provided invaluable advice about how to get to where they are, maybe you'd be better off pursuing other careers. Forbes' ranking suggests you'll be much happier as an orthopedic surgeon, police chief, or youth minister, which all tied for first on the list of most meaningful careers.