Urban Outfitters has announced the US launch of HALO, a capsule collection of athletic gear designed by Rasmus Storm and Danish brand Newline that combines military-inspired functionality with the kind of "street meets runway" style that Storm incorporates into his brand. 

In an interview with UO, Storm said that the inspiration behind the collection came from Newline's history as a supplier of running gear for the military. Storm and his design partner Malkit Singh visited the Aalborg in North Denmark and visited a region where the Special Forces trains, and combined what they learned there with their own experiences with sports and fitness. 

The military influences can really be seen in the details of the HALO collection and in pieces like the C130 Flight Jacket and Stealth Anorak and Pants. The designers kept the pieces lightweight, used moisture-wicking and quick-drying materials, incorporated double zipper designs and zip-back slits for temperature control, added ventilation holes, and added other features that focus on the function without neglecting the aesthetic of the collection.

Head over to Urban Outfitters to learn more and shop the HALO collection today.