Yo fam, I feel like at this point people are going to think I have a shady endorsement deal with Gentry, what, with the way I am wholesale recommending not only their seasonal buys, but how they style their stock as well. But I promise I'm not in bed with them. The last time I went there in person, they made fun of this struggle striped shirt I had on. But if you're anything like me and looking for a nice old man cardigan, this Eidos Napoli belted joint is pretty much perfect for both of us. I would most definitely steez bite this entire look, although I'd probably tie the belt behind my back. I mean, that's because I have a get money gut and I'm not trying to show that shit off too much. We're in certifiable "get stolen by your significant other" territory with this, but there is an easy preventative measure to take against such thievery. Just make sure, like me, all your sweaters smell like menthol, weed and Totino's pizza rolls.