Being a teenager is tough. But being a cool teen™? That's a struggle. What exactly is a cool teen™ you ask? As of the last couple years, as Instagram and Twitter swell in popularity, a small crop of SoHo-centric teens (among them, Mike the Ruler and Asspizza) have swarmed timelines with fit pics and the digital chronicles of their teenage antics. The difference between them and your garden variety cul-de-sac suburban adolescent? They're pulling pranks and waving their middle fingers—in closets filled with the likes of Rick Owens, Hood By Air, and Givenchy. 

While these kids may have designer tastes, they're still teenagers; they still have to handle the issues that every other American adolescent has to stumble through. Unfortunately for them, all of their most awkward, most "teenager-y" moments aren't just at school, they're broadcast for all of the internet to see. This is Why Being a Cool Teen™ Isn't as Cool as You Think It Is​.