To celebrate the 65th anniversary of the iconic Desert Boot model, Clarks and art curator Filippo Tattoni-Marcozzi have launched a project called "Clarks: Rebooted." Partnering with The HALO Trust, Tattoni-Marcozzi and Clarks commissioned 14 British artists to take the shoe and make it their own, creating 14 unique designs that will be made available in limited-edition runs of 250 pairs each. 

Frank Bowling, Lee Broom, Thomas J. Price, Bob & Roberta Smith, Alexandra Llewellyn, Adam Dant, Amy Stephens, Adam Ball, Faye Toogood, Kacper Hamilton, Gordon Cheung, Marc Quinn, Richard Caldicott, and Rene Gonzalez each had a very different vision for the Desert Boot, some of which leaned more toward the menswear tradition with tweeds, side buckles, and suedes, while others covered the shoe in wild patterns and colors. Toogood actually cut out sections of the shoe, incorporating what appears to be a fuzzy sock to the design.

The Clarks: Rebooted project is currently on an international art and design tour across the world from Shanghai, to Milan (April), to New York (during the Frieze Art Fair in May), then to London in October for a gala and auction to benefit The HALO Trust. The boots will see a staggered release on between now and the gala, with each pair priced at $300.