Moy gloriously coined the "Editor Coat™" last year. It's a term that I still think about on a regular basis because it is so accurate, it's fucking scary. I've begun applying it to basically every other piece of clothing, making things more of an Editor Garment™ than simply a coat. See, the genre of clothing that editors flock to is a simple one. It's usually not flashy on first glance. Then, there's a subtle detail, like a branding difference, maybe a stripe or an interesting combination of fabric. Editors dress pretty simply most the time and stick to that fabled "uniform" mentality. But they don't necessarily like to have the most basic pieces in that uniform. I mean, that's what makes them editors. They're able to curate their own wardrobe just as well as they curate content. This Christopher Raeburn sweatshirt has that much-needed detail to prevent it from being just another black sweatshirt in an editor's closet. The mesh sleeves are subtly different and would be covered up by your coat sleeves most of the time. Listen, if you can stock up on Editor Garments™, maybe you'll achieve your dream of becoming a glorified blogger. But take it from me, it's not all it's cracked up to be.