I'm so fucking down for this Casely Hayford oversized cardigan. I think it's because when I was a young teenager, I thought when I was the age I'm at currently now that I would basically have Ad-Rock's life, but, like, minus the rapping. Meaning, some sort of writer/professor that wore vintage tees that had kitschy sayings or obscure bands on them and oversized cardigans and the odd three-finger ring and an amazing collection of art and vinyl and a really nice classic automobile. I'm not sure if Ad-Rock owns a car because he lives in NYC, but I feel like if he did, it'd be a dope Datsun or something. Anyways, instead of that lifestyle, I just wear oversized cardigans in an apartment that is full of plants and two Supreme decks that have Bruce Lee on them. It's kind of starkly depressing. THIS IS WHAT YOU "CREATIVES" HAVE TO LOOK FORWARD TOO. Well, that a disco cardigans.