We got the first trailer for Cara Delevingne's upcoming film Paper Towns a couple weeks ago. Now, we get to see a whole clip from the movie starring the model-turned-actress

In the clip, Margo Roth Spiegelman, played by Delevingne, and her friend Q, played by Nat Wolff, break into the house of a "scumbag" named Chuck Parsons​ to remove one of his eyebrows. Wolff's character takes some convincing, but there isn't much that Delevingne can't persuade most men to do. 

Paper Towns is the latest movie adaptation from the novelist John Green. Green also wrote the book the movie The Fault in Our Stars is based on.

Delevingne also has a role the upcoming DC Comics flick Suicide Squad, and is rumored to be up for a lead part in Zoolander 2

Watch the entire clip above and wait for the movie to hit theaters on July 24.

[via MTV]

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