Calvin Klein's story is one that proves, as the above video says in the end, "sex sells," but it's also evidence of another adage: "any press is good press." 

Calvin Klein rose to prominence through a series of controversial advertisements featuring celebrities like Brooke Shields, Mark Wahlberg, and Kate Moss. While many of the ads were criticized by the press and public, or flat out denied by publications, the product never sold better than when its commercials were making headlines. Controversy has followed the label, and the FBI even had to get involved at one point to conduct a child porn investigation. 

Despite all the trouble Calvin Klein has gotten in over the years, it hasn't swayed from its sexy, celebrity-fronted advertisements. The announcement of Justin Bieber as the new face of Calvin Klein  last year brought a Photoshop scandal, along with plenty of jabs from media like Saturday Night Live and Funny or Die

None of that seems to be harming Calvin Klein, though, as it continues to rake in annual profits upwards of $7 billion. Get a crash course on the entire history of Calvin Klein in the video from Fast Company above.