The hideous bowl cut that plagued boys' heads in the '90s is coming back in style, according to the Daily Mail. The popularity of the hair cut has skyrocketed, and customers are requesting it 200 percent more frequently at a chain of barber shops in the UK. 

"We have been really surprised by the popularity of the bowl cut," says Martin Nobbs, director of the barber shop chain Headcase. "It’s fast becoming the 2015 hipster trend." 

Robert Pattinson may be fueling part of this craze, as he unveiled his version of the bowl cut back this past November. It was the same month the style returned on the head of Jim Carrey's Lloyd Christmas​ in the movie Dumb and Dumber ToHowever, the bowl cut's rising popularity can probably be chalked up to the resurgence of '90s trends. If nostalgia for the decade can bring back JNCO Jeans, then there's nothing it can't do. 

Whatever the cause is, the bowl cut comeback is completely ridiculous. We can only hope the unflattering cut goes the way of Radioshack, parachute pants, and wallet chains and returns back to the '90s where it belongs.