A new book titled I Know You Think You Know It All by Chris Black is filled with the type of indispensable advice for the modern world. Black, a digital-jack-of-all-trades, divides his time between writing, editing, and consulting for brands under his Done to Death agency. He's contributed to publications like Style.com and even put together a handy art book guide for us. On Twitter, he's known for his penchant for finding obscure-yet-relevant Internet ephemera and "high-level cultural commentary."

Black's book, divided into adages tailor-made for the ADD, 140-character limit era, looks to take on those all-too-familiar "Know It Alls" who have stubborn opinions on everything from fashion to coffee. Peppered in are quotes from venerable cool guys like Miles Davis, Ralph Lauren, and Hunter S. Thompson, which add a certain gravitas to the quick-hit wisdom.

"[He is] devoted to the latest microtrends, sure that he is an influencer, never realizing he is mostly just being influenced," the book's description reads. I Know You Think You Know It All's sagely tips range from hilarious, like "Listening to Radiohead in a coffee shop is too obvious," to legitimately sound advice, such as "Make friends with people who don't have the same opinions as you." Both, however, are equally true.

You can preview the book's contents on a website that randomly cycles through Black's bits of advice. We asked Black to pick ten of his favorites. Here they are:

1. Never use the phrase “personal brand.” 

2. Don’t feel like you have to go to college.

3. Be less concerned about getting credit and more concerned with the quality of the work.

4. Always hang out with people more talented than you are.

5. Never confront someone for unfollowing you.

6. There shouldn’t be any adjectives in your Instagram bio.

7. A thank you card is always nicer than a thank you email.

8. Don’t be afraid to share your opinion.

9 . Self awareness is as important as a skill.

10. Don’t work for free.

You can buy I Know You Think You Know It All at Amazon now.