This is an indigo-dyed sweatshirt, one of roughly four million I've showed you guys in the past few years. I like 'em a lot because indigo is the true color of the universe. My girlfriend's best friend realized I went to NYFW and asked to see some photos because she'd, "Love to see Jon all dressed up," and then when she saw the photos she was like, "Wait, but that's what he wears every day when he just sits in the apartment staring at the Internet." My girl was mad chill and defended my honor by saying, "IT'S CALLED A FUCKING DAILY UNIFORM. DON'T YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT FASHION?" LMAO actually, my girlfriend just sighed and said, "Yeah, I don't get it either. He basically just wears varying shades of blue all the time. He must've tricked somebody into letting him in the room." So I'm just gonna buy this Blue Blue Japan sweatshirt and wear it the next time I'm 25 minutes late to dinner with my girl and her friends.