It rained all day yesterday and most of this morning, so it's safe to say that "April showers" are a real thing and need to be taken care of. In a normal world, you'd be told to get something water-resistant like a classic trench, but this is not a normal world. This is Four Pins and everything we recommend acts as menswear gospel. Which is why instead of telling you to drop a cool stack and a half on something swagless, we're presenting you with this, a fucking linen parka by Barena. What is the point of a linen parka? The point is that there is no point. It doesn't matter. This is indigo-dyed linen we're talking about and nowhere in the description does it say that it's water-resistant, which makes it completely useless in keeping you dry. Fortunately, the only thing more important than keeping you dry is recklessly appropriating materials for the wrong reasons. Linen in the rain. Cashmere on 90 degree days. It's nothing to do a stunt.