Rather than do another typical episode of "Sneaker Shopping," our boy JLP took A$AP Rocky to L.A.'s Maxfield to do some apparel copping in honor of his most recent Complex cover story. Rocky, who has proven that he knows style and fashion better than any other rapper besides, like, Kanye, sheds light on how he keeps up with the fashion world despite being so busy, what he wears on a first date and even throws a bit of shade at Off-White, just one of the brand's he doesn't "care to speak on" these days.

Rocky also touches on his love of Rick Owens, who he has become pretty close friends with: "It's the jiggyness. It's progressive and ranges from fashion and clothes and stuff all the way to furniture." That it does. He also shouts out Mikey Rocks and Kid Cudi as stylish rappers and throws in the fact that he doesn't "think any athletes have good stylists." He ends up leaving with just two pieces: a Margiela sweater (which you can get here if you're an XL) and a Balenciaga T-shirt. I mean, when you have a wardrobe as specific and well-rounded as Rocky, there's not need to flex for no reason.