Just when we thought American Apparel's problems with creepy male employees was over and that they were effectively turning over a new leaf, something bizarre happened that may prove to be a really big issue for the company. According to a letter obtained by Fashionista, a man named Nativo-Vigil Lopez, an advisor to the immigration advocacy organization Hermandad Mexicana, is now banned from American Apparel's property in Los Angeles after he was found in the factory at AA's headquarters, asked to leave, and was later found in the women's restroom.

American Apparel General Counsel Chelsea Grayson wrote the letter to Lopez and included details of the incident. She called the whole thing "disturbing" and stressed the importance of the security and privacy of female employees, but does not mention the criminality of the situation or any pending legal action. Instead, the letter reads like a stern warning that what what he did is not cool.

The letter does not say what Lopez was doing in the building without permission, or why he had to duck security to hide in the restroom. If this happened at any other company, the suspect would probably be behind bars and would have gotten a letter from an attorney, not private correspondence on official company letterhead.