LÉON is the independent label of NYC-based designer Peter Nguyen whose current project is designing a staggering 100 T-shirts for 100 days straight. It's called #100daysoftshirts and you might want to pay attention.

Here's the deal: The first design will be posted in a little under three days, on April 6th at 1:00pm EST. From the 6th through July 14th there will be a new T-shirt designed and uploaded for purchase. Each one will be unique and different from any other in the series. If you like one, you buy it. If you like what was posted a couple days before, sorry. You're out of luck. You have to pull the trigger within that specific 24 hour time frame because, like, something is always at stake in this life of ours and the sooner you come to grips with that the better.

Nguyen has a proven track record of putting out dope tees in the past, most notably these The Last Splash bangers and a line called Caturdays that flipped the Slayer font to spell out "KITTENS." So, at the very minimum, you can trust that there will be some entertaining shit for you to at least look at throughout the entire process. Obviously, dude knows how to execute a solid screenprinting job. No word on cost just yet, but considering there will be quite a few of them printed, it should be pretty affordable. Time to add that new #100daysoftshirts alert column to your TweetDeck.