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Style Dot Com has this fun, if not telling, story about what designers wear to their own runway shows. This is a story we've sort of covered in our own way before because it's extremely interesting to see what the people who design our clothes are wearing. While the people milling around outside runway shows looking to get photographed show up in the weirdest shit possible to ensure their chances of getting street styled, the people behind the scenes mean business. And how do the people who mean business (read: actually working) during Fashion Week dress? It's abundantly clear that the sneakers/slim pants/sweater combo is the go-to alphet for those making millions just to work the night shift. Seriously, this is the uniform for every designer taking a bow after their show aka the only time we see them during Fashion Week. I mean, a lot of money is on the line with each season, so you can't really blame fashion creatives for dressing down and keeping it simple. We can only hope their reading about themselves on Four Pins at least once.