"I'm strictly lumbersexual. Beard, plaid, leather... maybe an ax" - Shima, 33
"Bonus points for soft bro style beards or plaid." - Karen, 24
lways down for a plaid shirt." - Emily, 26

Lumbersexual, urban rustic, redneck chic: Whatever you want to call it, this look carries a certain power. But where in the Paul Bunyan impersonation does the power lie? Do ladies prefer a more traditional look in this modern world? Is there something to a man who looks like he only eats what he kills, or at least chop wood? Is the pattern cute? I didn't take enough gender studies classes in college to answer these questions.

What I will say is this: This look is difficult to pull off. It isn't as simple as buying a flannel shirt, selvedge denim jeans, and purchasing a leather sack from a Brooklyn artisanal leather good shop. Go a little too downscale with it, and you'll look like your NASCAR fan uncle. Go a little too upscale, and you'll look like your NPR listening L.L. Bean loving uncle. The trick is to look like no one's uncle, and it's a hard tightrope to walk.

My Tinder experience: My best attempt at a lumbersexual style didn't get me very far. I actually had fewer matches than usual. To be fair, I am not ideal canvas for this look. A swarthy, skinny dude who can't grow facial hair doesn't have much hope of pulling a Paul Bunyan.