"Book (unless it's THE GAME). It shows he knows how to read." - Liz, 27
"Reading is sexy." - Cory, 26
"One of him reading is nice." - Vanna, 25

The popularity of "Hot Guys Reading Books" has proven that women like a guy who's literate. Now that books are dying off, there's also something charming about a man who walks around with a book in his pocket (and isn't just happy to see you), just like there there is something charming about a guy with a record player, who writes letters, or believes he will someday retire. 

As with the guitar, you're going to want to dress the part: cardigan, glasses, and a leather man purse are all good starting points. And as with the guitar, you're going to have to prove that you actually do read at some point. If you put one of these up as your Tinder pic, make sure you have at least one Bronte reference in the chamber for use if highbrow flirtation breaks out.

My Tinder experience: This look didn't alter my results very much, but "bookish" is already kind of in my wheel house. If the rest of your pictures are of you training for MMA fights, shotgunning beers, or muddin', you'll probably find yourself with improved results if you add a pic of yourself at the local library.