"Anything funny. Like if his pic is a chalk outline of his body ... I'm probably in." - Jen, 29
"But I like them tall, nerdy, and funny." - Tanya, 31

"Make me laugh." - Jessie, 24

Once again, not a piece of clothing or an accessory, but, once again, the ladies have spoken. This is one of the hardest to achieve from a style perspective. What makes a funny profile picture? The left-swipe graveyard is filled with dudes who have tried and failed. Tanya had this to say about guys who try way too hard to show you they're funny:

"If you're standing behind a mic with a goofy face and your arms spread open like you said something funny, chances are you suffering from anger issues and decided to take it to the comedy stage. If your profile is of you and a bunch of aging hipsters wearing grandpa sweaters doing something 'zany' on a UCB stage, you need to stay away from me."

Tread lightly "funny" ones.

My Tinder experience: This photo got a way better response than I was expecting. I didn't get more matches, but the girls who swiped right were generally fun to chat with, laid back, and pretty damn funny in their own right. This move is one that improves your quality, but will likely decrease your quantity of matches.