"It means someone trusted him to watch their kid." - Liz, 27
"Posing with a baby and/or a really really old person." - Karen, 33
"Men with babies. Love it." - Jessie, 24

Not so fast. Though there are people out there who love pics with babies, there are also vocal detractors.

"I am anti-baby photos because I'm annoyed that the tactic would backfire for women." - Lydia, 30
"No babies or beer in your photo. You holding a beer and a baby is interesting but I question if you are trying to hook up with that baby.​" - Tanya, 31
"Who is the baby in the photo? Your baby? Your friends baby? A random baby? Just cause I am a women you can't trick me into sleeping with cause you are holding a child." - Casey, 27

No matter where they stood on the issue, all the ladies agreed that there needs to be some clarification. As Amanda, 27, put it, "Kids in the pics make me nervous. there needs to be clarification that they are not in fact your kids."

And the final word on the subject goes to Alison, 28, who confusingly said, "When a tiger kills you, it's almost instant and violent. But when a kid kills you, it's slow and painful. I'd rather go the route of a tiger." Her words made made a little more sense in context, but not much.

If you are having trouble with the ladies I DO NOT recommend going out and getting a baby in hopes of saving your game.

My Tinder experience: I thank the good Lord every single morning that I haven't fathered any children, at least none that I know about. If you have been blessed by fatherhood, use that shit to your advantage. Girls who love it will love it, and those who don't won't be sticking around long after the first date.