The last time we wrote about thisisneverthat, we kinda did them a little bit dirty by throwing "Raf Simons Lite" shade in the HED. But, like, that's pretty elite company, lite or otherwise. The Korean brand's F/W 14 collection had shades of everything that has become popular in recent seasons with random musings screen-printed in a haphazard manner on flannels and parkas. One of the brand's signatures is to include the name of the collection in basically every possible spot. That means S/S 15's "Lake of Fire" is all over the fucking place, if you're into that. S/S 15 brings together a lot of different looks: the aforementioned screen-printing, anoraks, baseball shirts, Raf and Undercover-style parkas and cool tees with phrases like "We rode down the path at full speed," which is definitely a line ripped straight from that terrible short story you've been working on and plan to send to a writing competition in hopes of winning a prize that will help fund your weed habit. There's also a bunch of crotch-area zippers for hiding said weed once its acquired. The styling is pretty on point here, especially for spring with Puma slides and Tevas amongst the footwear of choice. If you've learned nothing from us, slides are king when the hot weather finally comes around. Live and learn.